Aug 18, 2018

#TheBarteredBrides #NetGalley #MercedesLackey

I read a lot of people who realize they've grown up and no longer feel connected/that her writing isn't relevant to them anymore.

But anyway, one of her books is up to read on Netgalley. Eeee! We'll see.

Aug 12, 2018

#SundayQuestions: Acknowledgments: Waste of ink & paper or interesting aside?


I can see why someone may not be interested in reading this. But I'm not one of those people.

I enjoy reading acknowledgements that the authors have included. It's a nice little thing to read. I love that authors taking the time out to thank those who have helped make their book possible.

For me, it helps break the belief that writing a book is a one person show.

So, do you read the acknowledgements?

Question came from it's a dead blog but still houses these questions. So. I don't think they're the originator of the questions but figured I'd tell that I didn't just pull these questions out of the air. 

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Aug 10, 2018'sHalloween! #NetGalley

Title: Luke & Lottie, It's Halloween
Author: Ruh Wielockx
Publisher: Clavis Publishing
Publish Day: August 11, 2018

A cheerful and simple story about Halloween for brave ghosts and witches ages 3 and up.It’s Halloween! The twins Luke and Lottie are so excited.They enjoy all the Halloween traditions. Dressing up, carving pumpkins, making sweets, and best of all, going trick-or-treating!


If I ever rate a child's book lower than 4 or 5 stars the book definitely did something wrong. This is the first book that I agree with the age range that is assigned for it.

The artwork is adorable and simple, good for the age range. Since I read this through Amazon I cannot say 100% how the font/size is for the writing in a more kid-book-look so you'll have to view that on your own.

If you teach in a school that allows Halloween themed books for the lower grades... this would fit in nicely. But if not, this works for at home / carry around during the holidays.

Downloaded through Netgalley thanks to Clavis exchange for an honest review. If you read children books / review them they have a good start to look at.