Oct 19, 2018

#TpT: Shoestring Budget Supplies Sale

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  • October Saxon Math Calendar 
    • This is a calendar you print and cut out to use. It has the Saxon October's pattern. Includes a printable month and the years 2018-2020 and a few blank rectangles and circles to use.
    • I use this in my class so I'll quit forgetting about the pattern aspect of Saxon morning math meeting! 

Oct 10, 2018

Netgalley & Work

As a few of you (or none) know I was hired on at the start of August in a teaching position. This has left me without any time to read. Most of my time is spent resting/recovering from work and being at work.

Anyway, my scheduled posts are running low. I am working through my eBooks from Netgalley and hopefully will be posting more (Hmm??)