Oct 27, 2017

Ghost Wars - Episode 2 - The Ghost in the Machine

 Everything isn't as it seems. Things went wonky in the first episode because of this. The bridge looked like it was there but it was not. The citizens here once again fall into believing what they see when they should probably second guess what they're seeing.  Spoilers if you're worried about them are up ahead.

This episode centers more around the mayor and her family. She doesn't agree with the notion that their town is infected with angry ghosts. Her brother, Billy, comes to down and she's angry about that.

We learn that she's angry because their younger brother, Trevor died on a boat. The boat being the one Billy was running. She doesn't believe Billy's story of events.

They find that Trevor's body washed up on shore. Which for Billy is super weird as he fell off the boat over ten years ago. There should be no way that this is a possibility. But yet, they take him to the morgue and there he is.

Roman is brought in because Billy believes that he does see ghost. Roman explains that there isn't anyway that he's actually seeing his brother. It's another ghost taking on the image of his brother to haunt him. Why?

We discover that the mayor & the smuggler's father was into illegal things. For example, he won a boat off a guy. This guy commits suicide in the woods and comes back to haunt her and her brother.

The mayor finally experiences the ghost problem that everyone else has been experiencing. She shoots the police officer that was with her when they found the dead guy. But good news -- he lives. 

This we learn this episode:

We see the LAMDA institute. Billy is sleeping with one of the scientists from it. He's smuggling things for the scientist. They decide they cannot pay in this round.

We learn that Billy also smuggles medication for the town doctor -- his sister's wife.

Their father was someone who participated in illegal activities.


This was not that interesting at all of an episode. I know they're introducing us to the characters who will impact the story. We learn more about the mayor's family. But the whole ghost fighting people thing felt more like dressing in this episode. There was a bit of warring going on with a ghost but.. hopefully the next episode gets back the way the first episode played out.

Or very least gets interesting.

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