Oct 22, 2017

Ghost Wars - Syfy - Ep. 1 - Death's Door

 What's going on:


Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia) sees and communicates with ghost. He lives in a town in Alaska. The town hates him. A bus crash happens and they hate him even more because he's the only survivor.


Episode starts with the priest talking about someone who has died. They're in a bar. Weird glitchy things happen and now the priest sees things in his hand. He grabs a knife to rid his hand of the issue.

But then the episode moves on beyond that to the beginning of the story. The ending is we're back at the bar and Roman prevents the priest from damaging his hand.


Ghosts are angry because they cannot cross so they're fighting the living. They can also create hallucinations and convince the living that things are happening when they really aren't.

The priest and his hand. The cop fighting a 'zombie' hallucination. The police driving and falling from the bridge. He thought it was fixed so he kept driving.

As far as they know no one can leave the town!


Avan Jogia's acting has improved since Twisted on ABC family (now Freeform). Or, I am interested enough with this story that I'm fine with what is being presented.

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