Oct 25, 2017

Herophobia - Alex Lane - Review

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Herophobia by Alex Lane is an ebook that follows Quinn who has a 'superpower'. It's not Superman life of people who love you for what you do for their community. It's a life that is completely opposite rippled with fear and being monitored by the government.

Quinn is an empath it's told to us at the beginning of the story. He has an asshole friend who told some people that he was an empath. In this story, it's common for empaths to become friends with the type of character Kevin is. Which is unfortunate because no one needs someone who would spill about something that their friend would like to keep secret.

In this universe people who have abilities is heavily discriminated against and heavily monitored. So, spilling about this isn't just something someone would take lightly. He had just told them that he was a Virt -- what people who have super abilities are called here. Then, he goes and tells about it.  I understand the lack of friends at school but sheesh. 

My favorite parts of this story is his romantic interest because it's not overly flowery with the romance. The people who start investigating his abilities because it's revealed at the start of the story that he is more than just an empath. 

I enjoy the way this book ends as well. Usually I am against the way it ends because it doesn't end-end. But it gives the story a somewhat Twilight / The Outer Limits feel the way it makes it exit. According to the author there is a sequel on the way. 

His other ability is more frightening than just being someone who can feel others emotions. It's worth the $2.99 to get the ebook though you can go over to wattpad to read it for free. It's worth the money spent. You can purchase on Amazon, BN Nook & Smashwords. The links are provided under the cover at the top.

Now with The Gifted on Fox it's a great way to get your fix on discriminated minorities with super abilities.

Tl;dr ---- I am glad that I picked this up on Amazon and read it. I recommend it. You can read it for free on Wattpad OR be awesome and go buy it!

Favorite Quotes:

Out of order. 

"the good news is that you have your own mother to look past your many faults and love you unconditionally.

"Funny story. A bunch of people -- the cult -- blame the appearance of abilities on the invention of the internet."

She can create fire with a thought, and her worst problem is that she can't eat ice cream."

"Kevin began to pout. “Why do you have to defend them all the time? You should have superhero pride or something!”

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