Dec 5, 2017

Talking to the Moon - OmaimaAkbar - Wattpad Story

Talking to the Moon - OmaimaAkbar - Wattpad

Inside Wattpad this story is currently #9 in Fantasy. It has been viewed 182k times. It's been starred almost up to 13K. I do not believe she has posted this anywhere else other than Wattpad as I didn't find it anywhere else. If this isn't the case then let me know! 

The girl is sixteen years old who lives in a village somewhere out there. It is a first person account of her life. Part of her life includes being able to communicate with the moon as per the title of the story. Though she admits that she isn't sure if it's actually the moon as she just associates the conversations with the moon because they only happen when the moon is out.

One of the perks of reading stories on Wattpad is that they're free and for the most part are heavy in diversity. Which is a good thing. This story is diverse with regards to the characters. The main character is mute she can only communicate with sign language. It's regarded as a disability where she lives but her family loves and accepts this.

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