Jan 30, 2018

4 FREE Mermaid Books!

Ocean's Justice: The little Mermaid Retold by Demelza Carlton . As of January 30, 2018 you can buy it for free as an ebook.

First Sentence: If I never saw the sea again, it would be too soon.

A mysterious castaway. A Scottish hero determined to protect her. Can they survive the storm?

Everblue by Brenda Pandos is currently free on kindle.

First Sentence: "So, tell me everything, Ash." Tatiana stretched out on her blanket in rapt attention.

She wanted her life to change ... he wanted his to stay the same.

Seventeen-year-old Ashlyn Lanski is tired of her boring, single life. Swimming and spending time with Tatiana, her best friend, are her only sanctuary. The girls plan to leave their drab lakeside town far behind for college, and Ash hopes to finally ditch her longtime crush for Finley, Tatiana's twin brother. But when Tatiana and her family fail to return home after a family emergency, Ashlyn makes an irrational decision to deal with her loss of them.

 Between the Land and the Sea written by Derrolyn Anderson is a mermaid story that's free on Kindle at the moment.

 First Sentence: My father always used to say that there were times in life when your personal happiness was of little consequence, and you needed to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

Summary:Marina is a privileged girl who’s had an unusual upbringing. Traveling the world with her scientist father, doted on by her wealthy and glamorous neighbor Evie, Marina’s life seems perfect.

 Ice written by M.S. Watson free on kindle.

 First sentence: Thea stared out the window, clutching her sweaty hands.


 She won’t melt.
Everything was perfect.
With a future career in surfing and an ocean-front home, Iris Glass is one teenager who thinks she is in paradise. Her dad is the head of the police department, her mother a successful business woman. Her twin sister is a spoilt brat, but what family doesn’t have one?
Then their 18th birthday comes around.
Nothing will be the same again.

Summaries are read more of teasers ah well. Found these on Kindle downloaded them and will eventually start reading. Have you read any of these yet? I hope they're interesting enough. Books were free when I threw this together on January 30,2018 as I say above.

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