Jan 25, 2018

10 Free* Preschool Reads

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You Are (Not) Small takes us on a comparison adventure on who is the smallest or the largest. Ends with a possible new adventure with our differences.

This is free through Kindle Unlimited and $3.99 if you buy the ebook. The entire thing is adorable, easy to follow and read for the tiny humans. 

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This one is adorable. She reminds me of Rudolph. She struggles to keep up with her brothers while they're running around. They make fun of her.

Instead of giving up she trains and beats all of them. They're not laughing anymore...they're proud of her at the end.

This is currently free to buy or free through kindleunlimited.  

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This follows human boy, Finn and his pet, a Panda Bear named Chad. Chad was a birthday gift for Finn. If you can get passed the whole sentient friend-pet thing -- it's cute. 

Moral of the story you should share.  It's a bit wordy for a preschool read but the pictures are adorable and it gives the adults something to do.

The art work is fun to look at and the font is easy to read. 

Currently, it's free through Kindle Unlimited only!

This lovely optimistic book is free through Kindle Unlimited and $7.02 to buy it out right. This one like the above are great for the littles who can sit and listen to a story or too sleepy to move. 

I absolutely love the many sugary names the grandmother calls her grandchild through out. The artwork is extremely engaging and lovely to look at.

Currently, this is simply free on Amazon to purchase and read. It's the alphabet of silly animals. 

We start off with Aardvark's but are Aarkvaards and they never know which way to go. 

The pictures that go along with the animals are just bizarre enough.

This is free through Kindle Unlimited and is $5.51 if you buy it. It's a book about vegetables in their underwear. 

If you're comfortable with reading about veggies & their undies to your tot -- this is definitely the one you want to pick up. 

The pictures are fun and it's silly. I laughed out loud and you will probably, too.

Free with Kindle Unlimited and just 99 cent if you buy the ebook. 

Colorful, engaging and can be interactive if the kids want to stomp around and pretend they can't roar or roar a lot! 

Then this book is definitely for the toddlers who are dinosaurs at heart.

 Adventure's of A Little Fish is free to purchase or borrow through Kindle Unlimited. 

This is a bit wordy I find this one better to look and examine the artwork than to read.

The pictures are engaging enough for preschoolers. 

They are looking for a friend. Along the way they become friends while looking for a friend. 

The funniest line in this, "I'm terrible looking, but my heart is very kind." WHAT.

 Free through Kindle Unlimited and is $3.99 to buy out right.

Illustrations are adorable and fun to look at. 

The duck is absolutely silly and you learn the quirky ways she lives her life.

From bathing in apple juice to trying to send a piglet off to France.

Her friends try to take her shine away. They realize that things on the farm aren't as fun, interesting or meaningful without Silly Tilly.

Last but not least -- another colorful alphabet book! Free with Kindle Unlimited and $3.99 to buy the ebook. 

Artwork is fun. The story part is kind of iffy-wise. 

A nice read to read with your toddler in preparation with potty training.  

At this age the bathroom and what is going on in THERE is a big part of their life. 

So, of course, a few books about it!

*Free on Amazon Unlimited or FREE when this article was created January 25, 2018

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