Jan 12, 2018

A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan Book 1

When I was seven, I found a sparkling lying dead on a bench at the edge of the woods which formed the back boundary of our garden, that the groundskeeper had not yet cleared away.

Score: 4/5

Summary: Lady Trent is an older woman who is telling about her young, exciting days as a naturalist. She's also clearing up any and all misconceptions of her and what went down during these adventures


Based on the book cover what do you think you're getting yourself into? A scientific look into a fantasy creature? A doctor notes and whatever else goes along with it? Maybe even pictures document discoveries and dissections?


You get to experience a woman who is living in Victorian era in a world where there are dragons. We learn about how she gets to start working with dragons alongside her husband. This Victorian era, Lady Trent, her religion and beliefs are here but in small dabs here and there and they follow close to Judaism. I loved this.  

It is a memoir, we are pulled to Lady Trent and some of her comments along the way.  It has subtle/small bits of humor throughout not a laugh out loud jokes aplenty but it has its moments.

There are FIVE BOOKS ABOUT HER. I haven't finished this series yet!


 It is a slow start kind of read. I had to come back to it several times before it caught me and wouldn't let go.  Bad for me was that I read this while they were getting written so I had to WAIT for every book to come out which is a struggle.


If you're expecting dragon tamer, dragon fliers, fighters and adventure that is USUALLY alongside dragons this isn't going to be that great to you.

This is a story about a creature that isn't studied, rumors/theories about these things are slowly becoming disproved by Lady Trent and her team through their work.

It is definitely different in the way it is written, the way the world is build and describe and what we get.

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