Jan 28, 2018

Black Comix Returns by John Jennings, Damian Duffy

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review.

This is a continuation of this:

The first one isn't in print anymore and it's fairly expensive to buy on Amazon. But the new one is 22.55 on Amazon.

This is a continuation of their Black Comix: African American Independent Comics. They had no plans of coming back and doing this but did so anyway. A large chunk of years but it is back. This is a new collection of art and essays that celebrate African American Indie Comics.

Highlights Black artists in the comic book world.

"Before I had even learned to read, it was the art in comic books that captured my attention when I was a child. I couldn't read the words in comics, but I read the pictures..." David Walker, Introduction.
This is fantastic, enjoyable and great for anyone who wants to learn more or find new comic authors/artists to get into. This is great celebration and promotion for African American Independent Comic creators. It showcases work and gives information on the creators. A large variety of styles are inside this lovely book. 

Comes out February 20, 2018 and currently showing on Amazon at $22.55 for a hardcover copy.

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