Jan 22, 2018

Dream of the Butterfly Vol. 1: Rabbits on the Moon by Richard Marazano

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review.
Score: 5/5

First Sentence: WAAH... WAAHHH!

This is not the best to get a first sentence from but that's how the story begins.

Summary: Tutu is late to go somewhere. She hurries out and a storm blows her into a town. But it's not any kind of town. It's a town full of various animals. She becomes involved in various elements of politics while trying to get home.

Absolutely enjoyed reading this. 


 Comic is enjoyable to look at. The story starts in the beginning of a dream or at least looks like one of her dreams.

Story line is interesting enough to keep you going. She's a human little girl in a town full of talking animals all of which for some reason don't like humans. Instead of trying to get her home and out of their hair they send her to a temporary living arrangement and has to work in a factory.

She gains the interest of the Emperor, the Flying Bandit, a group of human children, and a Panda Bear that she works with. They all need her or believe that she will help them with something. She doesn't understand why they're bothering her and how no one's helping her get home.

Tutu sounds and acts like a child her age and in a situation that she is in. She gets snippy, lashes out, is tired and doesn't want to do anything they keep asking her to do.

The spies are adorable.


In some places it feels as if you've skipped a page and have to flip back to double-check. It feels like you're missing something to the story but it keeps moving on.  

The townsfolk keep warning her about saying the things she keeps saying but she keeps saying things. The reason? There doesn't seem to be any actual consequence for talking against or negatively about the emperor -- or at least FOR HER -- than maybe the other residents of the town. Or is it just fear that there isn't anything else preventing them from saying things other than fear?

Does she ever eat??? I know this isn't high on a list but the bird sends her to work with a container of worms. She gives them to the Panda.


Yes.  It's enjoyable and a fun read. It's a children's novel and possibly more for older elementary level. For kids who may struggle with reading or following along with the plot line definitely enjoy the pictures and the story through the artwork. 

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