Jan 14, 2018

First Frost (Waverly Family #2) - Sarah Addison Allen

Score: 3/5

Summary: We are back in Bascom, North Carolina with the Waverly family! Claire is making candies and making a killing on the candies. Sydney wants more kids with her new hubby. Bay is learning and working through her life, too.


We are back with the Waverly's! I LOVED the first novel so finding Sarah Addison Allen decided to break the norm of hers...and do a sequel!? Hell yea!

You're in their life and finding out what is happening now that it's been a long time since we've visited them from Garden Spells.


We are back with the Waverly's! The feel of the first one is gone. The magic that was there for the first one isn't there. Not only do the characters feel off balance with their new life and what is happening...so do we as the readers.

It feels like the pressure to make a sequel was there but not the story.


If you just absolutely love Sarah Addison Allen and can gobble up anything all she writes. Yes. But if you're wanting the same feel and life as Garden Spells, then probably not.

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