Jan 21, 2018

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling

Score: 4/5

The first time that I read this was in 2016. I was one of the kids who wasn't allowed to read this because "evil" "magical" and whatever other nonsense. So, I missed out on the magic of this series and never got into it.

I watched the movies as a kid at other family members households without my Dad knowing. At the time I wasn't aware that it was just my Dad who wasn't allowing us to read it. Mom never stated whether she was fine with us reading it or not -- which would have helped. 


It is an enjoyable read for any age. Characters are likeable and what happens in this is interesting to read about.

Ron is more likeable in the books than he is in the movie. That was a pleasant surprise because I never understood why his movie character was the way he was. He was the younger brother who figured he would never shine compared to his older siblings. This is his first year at Hogwarts.

Hermione is compensating for her upbringing.

Harry Potter, you realize why he was ditched at such awful people's houses. They needed him to be easily built to defeat the bad guy.

This book demonstrates to kids that in life that there are gray areas. Things aren't always just Good guys doing Good, and the bad doing bad. The good in this --- Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron break the rules and at one point hurt their friend, Neville, to defeat the evil.

It demonstrates how kids can be hypocritical. They tell Neville that he needs to start sticking up for himself. So, he does and they are annoyed with him because he's sticking up for himself against them. The whole, "Yes, sometimes you have to speak up against friends."


I didn't grow up with this so there isn't some sort of spark that enraptures me. I have enjoyed reading this. While I do plan on reading more of the series there isn't some urge or yearning to do so immediately. To me, it feels like a book I could have and should have been obsessed with as a kid and as adult struggle with getting into it.

But this series has influenced society and it is there and everywhere you look. Quotes in newer books, in television series, in daily life...just everywhere


You've probably already read this before. Or twice. Or 80 times by now.

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