Jan 31, 2018

Jane Eyre Manga Classics by Emily Bronte Classic Manga

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 Spoilers..but this book has been out for almost two hundred years so I mean...

Score: 5/5

This has been out since 2016. You can buy it as an ebook or a hard copy. Currently it's $3.40 to buy through Kindle. Which is worthwhile to check out to see if you want to try any of the other manga's as they're a bit pricey. Cheap price to dip your toes in to test the water.

I forgot how bizarre this book is.It was published in 1847 and since it's creation has had a lot of adaptations.

From silent films to manga's. Even made into a Dr Who episode with Clara and the twelfth doctor.

This follows the story from her childhood with her terrible relatives.

Her time at the school and becoming a governess to falling in love with Mr. Rochester.

His "shameful" marriage and her running away and discovering she does indeed have family. To her cousin wanting to marry her.  I still find her cousin creepy and unnecessary even Jane knows he's being too much.

Cover on Amazon of Ebook

This is a lovely addition to the Jane Eyre collection.  At the end you're treated with Sunneko Lee drawing form with cats asking about your thoughts on the manga. Further on details about their process in creating Jane Eyre as a Manga and background information about Charlotte Bronte.

There will be more Classic Manga's written about here. I absolutely enjoyed my time with this and can't wait to dive into another!

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