Jan 7, 2018

Obsidian - Lux Series 1 - Jennifer L. Armentrout - YA Sci-fi Romance

There will be spoilers


Start with: I enjoyed it enough that I checked out the next one in the series. It's quite predictable but it is fun, light read to go jump into for awhile.

It is one of the assholes to love interest romances. The author does incorporate her female friends and the fact that she has friends outside of her love interest. I liked that aspect of it but it didn't linger too heavily on the forming of friendships with Dee and the other two girls. But they interacted, behaved and spoke like typical friendship stuff so that was nice to see.

Main character is named Katy. She's new to town. Lives by a couple of weird teenagers who don't seem to have any parental figures in sight. Main character tells us she is a let things happen, passive person and that she's tired of being this person.

So, coming of age where she's wanting to start taking control over her own life. Except here comes the love interest who works his darndest to try to get her to do what  he wants. 

The asshole-to- love interest is named Daemon Black. His sister, Katy's best friend, is Dee. She gets along well with Dee but not so much with Daemon. For some reason he does not like that his sister is hanging out with Katy.

Of course, no one expands upon why it's a disaster for Dee to be friends with Katy. It's secretive and the brother is a complete asshole to deal with. He's super rude.

But you end up learning why he's being such an obnoxious asshole he wants to protect his sister. See? There's a REASON for his behavior!!!  

He continues to behave this way. He has moments where he is nice towards her and she enjoys this time. But then she worries about when he isn't going to be nice to her. Which is !!!sound the alarm!!! mode that I don't like.

I liked that he has a legitimate reason for his behavior as he is trying to keep his sister safe. But he keeps doing things that slowly pull Katy into their world of nonsense and behaves this way.

At one point he harasses a potential love interest of Katy's as a way to protect her. The way he talks about this and reacts to her reactions is shady as hell. I didn't much mind the asshole behavior that could be explained away because family first.

But I dislike the whole, "If I can't be with you no one else can be". Even if there was a valid reason for it. At the time you're just see his actions. This to me is annoying to read about because of actual abusive controlling relationships. The idea that there is a valid reason for THAT behavior, creeps into abusive relationships...and it's just ew.

Favorite Quotes:

 Completely out of order of reading them. 

I was always able to lose myself in reading. Books were a necessary escape I always gladly jumped into headfirst.
“I laughed under my breath and turned back to the front door, giving him a one-fingered salute. “So do I, Daemon. So do I.”
“Death sounded painful, angry, and desperate. Not peaceful. I thought that was unfair. After all that had happened, couldn’t death have welcomed me with warm arms and visions of my dad waiting for me?

“I can take your esssence; drain you until your heart ssstopsss. It does nothing for me, but jussst imagine the ssslow unending pain. Tell me where he isss.”

 “I can take your esssence; drain you until your heart ssstopsss. It does nothing for me, but jussst imagine the ssslow unending pain. Tell me where he isss.”
“I was clenching the steering wheel like a granny, but driving like I was trying out for NASCAR.”
The only thing he needed was that little memory-wiper device and a talking dog. I would’ve laughed, except nothing about the man was funny…Especially since he was now staring right back at me.
—  Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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