Jan 14, 2018

Sadie Rose and the Daring Escape by Hilda Stahl

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Score: 2/5

Now you may be wondering-- what won't she read? I am wondering that, too! But this was read due to a college course I was in. We had to read children's books for a grade. This book was published in 1989 if you couldn't tell based on the cover.

This is a series of books around her life.

Sadie, the main character doesn't like that her mother has remarried. She's struggling with things and then gets kidnapped. She relies on her religion, faith in God to survive.


It's about pioneer kind of life. Good writing. Has a moral kind of ending which I don't have any problem with that in kids books.


I did not like the way they handled her abduction. Think this is more of what could have been or me wanting something that is missing.

I wished there was a talking point about how even if you do something good, sometimes things don't go right. She saves a dog and is abducted due to this. She did something good and is basically by this person punished by the good deed.

The whole, "No good deed goes unpunished" kind of thing that could have been spoken about. I work with kids and they are more often extrinsic focused with rewards. They don't act or treat each other nicely unless they are rewarded with something instantly.

But this could very well be a good conversation to go through talking about how she did something good but wasn't truly rewarded with it.


Yeah, if you're comfortable with your kids reading Christian themed stories. As far as I see there aren't any ebook version of these books. Hilda Stahl's list of books she wrote: http://www.librarything.com/author/stahlhilda

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