Jan 22, 2018

The Gathering (Darkness Rising #1) - Kelley Armstrong

Score: 4/5

I enjoyed this series.  I read these awhile back so my mind is a bit foggy. I re-read them in 2016 but I'm still not remembering much.


Story moves along fairly well and is kept interesting.

I loved that there was anti-victim blaming message in this story and to seek help. It wasn't heavy handed and it is written in a book aimed for young adults. So, I found that refreshing and new.


The way this book ends, it just ends. It does not feel complete. I know it is a series of books but each one should at least feel satisfying in some way.


Yes. It's written well enough that adults can enjoy this, too. It's definitely geared toward young adults but everyone can get something from the story.

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