Jan 16, 2018

The Mind Readers - Lori Brighton

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Score:  3/5

The book has a new cover:

and I am loving it!

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Interesting story topic it's why I downloaded it in the first place. Mind readers and having to run because of what you can do. It was interesting enough that I worked my way from beginning to the end.


Just because something has things you enjoy doesn't mean it's going to turn out very well. It becomes hollow very weak with the characters and the story line. 

The main character doesn't like her friends that she has. She views anyone who is the same gender as her as a potential enemy instead of just....friends. It's one of those books.

It has an exciting topic but the way it is written.... you just don't care to want to know more about what is going to happen next. Which is not what you want in a book.

If you do end up reading it and want more don't worry --- there are more -- there are three more books to this series.



For some reason I can't find the Kindle version of the sequel. But you can buy an ebook version of it on Barnes and Noble.

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