Jan 13, 2018

The Tropic of Serpents (Memoirs of Lady Trent #2) - Marie Brennan

Not long before I embarked on my journey to Eriga, I girded my loins and set out for a destination I considered much more dangerous: Falchester.

Score: 4/5

Summary: Her husband was murdered and she has a son. She is not motherly and to the surprise of family, she goes off on another adventure


I love that she talks about the struggle of being who she is and what her society wants her to be. This focuses on a lot of things that happened in the countries that she is working in. It feels okay, less about dragons and more about the people that she encounters through her travels.

But the first one didn't focus too heavily on the dragons, too.

All her books so far that I've read start out extremely slow and are hard to get into. I feel that they are worthwhile after you get by that.

Yes, I know this review is short but it's a lovely read.

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