Feb 2, 2018

Convincing The Alpha's Omega

Disclaimer: I get books to read through Hidden Gems and Netgalley. In exchange I review to get these free books. This was one of those I selected when not paying attention. It's an mpreg story and it is a sequel. It's listed as $2.99 OR free through Kindle Unlimited program. I didn't get to read this due to not feeling well the week I selected it. So, I've created an "ad" for it to make up for not getting to review it.

Definitely not meant for children or young adults.

My life centers around my job.
My job centers around the Omega Lodge. And nowhere does it state that it’ll ever revolve around an Alpha. I’m comfortable where I am and I intend to see this place thrive.
But when our head Alpha and his mate want to throw a mating party for people to find their fated mates, I’m thrust out on an adventure with the raspy and overly Alpha Trevor Reluson.

His scent annoys me.
But I can’t help feeling this magnetic pull that’s driving me insane.


The Gryther Pack has more tricks up its sleeves. And each one is going to pull together pairs of fated mates whether they like it or not.
Ethan might not want to see the truth, but Trevor, head of the Reluson pack will make him.
Because that’s his Omega. And he’s not going to let him go.

Convincing the Alpha’s Omega is book 2 of the Alpha Omega Lodge series! There’s steamy times and an adorable baby, plus knotting and of course, M/PREG! There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and definitely a HEA that will have you screaming for more!

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