Feb 1, 2018

The Water Balloon Gang by John Redstand


Disclaimer: So, I get books to read through Hidden Gems and Netgalley. In exchange I review to get these free books. This is through Hidden Gems. I didn't get to read this due to not feeling well the week I selected it. So, I've created an "ad" for it to make up for not getting to review it.

 Summary from Amazon:


A liquor store robbery (even if it was accidental) wasn’t mentioned on the list of potential activities when a twelve-year-old John Redstand became the youngest member of The Water Balloon Gang that hot summer’s morning.

“Now more cops are here with guns pointed at us...” Johnny exclaimed [into the phone]. “I don’t know if they’ve gotta warrant, but they got guns and dogs!”

One of the funniest short stories you will ever read. Teetering between tenable testimony and far-fetched fable, this trainwreck of mayhem will keep you entertained and on your toes. Take a first person journey in this hilarious adventure that unfolds during a single, calamitous day in the life of our young protagonist.

NOTE: While several parts of the story are inspired by actual events, this is a work of fiction.

This ebook is for purchase for 99 cents on Kindle.  Summary comes from the Amazon page for the book. This is a Young Adult but it's cautioned that it is not for children. So take that as you will. I haven't read this and I don't know the author / not getting paid to promote the short story.

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