Mar 12, 2018

13 American Women's Firsts with books! 19th Century part 3

Welcome back to a list containing historical American women first to do [insert accomplishment].

 I am taking information or condensing information from this Wikipedia page. With the year and snip of information a book about the person is included.
Some women do not have books or I simply cannot find them. It's only one person running this blog so I can miss things fairly easily. If you know of a book that is just about the woman or one that mentions the woman please let me know. One of my lists includes a school book that mentions a lady. So, I mean, anything really.

Every woman on the list includes years, their name, accomplishment, a book (or several), and include their Wikipedia page. I know many people still stick their nose up to the idea of reading Wikipedia for facts but it's here to stay m'friends.

My tags only list a few things because blogger keeps telling me I've hit a limit if I pass ten tags. Maybe I am over tagging but I love tags.

Did I bite off more than I can chew with this? Probably. Do I care? Not at the moment. Will this silently die and no more posts? Possibly.

This list is first for women in America. 

1.   Louise Blanchard Bethune 1st woman to work as a professional architect.

2. Helen Magill White 1st woman to earn the Ph.D degree

3. Emma Abbott, 1st American woman to form her own Opera Company

4. Belva Lockwood, 1st woman to argue a case before the US supreme court.

5. Mary Myers  balloonist to become the 1st woman to fly solo !

6. Susanna M. Salter elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas becoming the 1st woman mayor in the country.

7. Phoebe Couzins 1st American  to serve as a US Marshall

8. Marie Owens believed to be the 1st woman police officer in America

9. Irene Williams Coit  1st woman to pass the Yale College entrance exam.

10. Wilhelmina Weber Furlong  1st American woman Modernist stuido painter from the early American Modernism scene.

11.  Florence Kelley - 1st woman to hold statewide office when Governor Peter Altgeld appointed her Chief Factory inspector for the state of Illinois.

12. Mary Irwin - 1st actress in America to kiss on screen for the film The Kiss.

13. Eleonora De Cisneros - 1st American trained opera singer that the Metropolitan Opera Company hired.

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