Mar 18, 2018

1930s Women - Firsts

Information from Wikipedia here and here. Short information from the Wikipedia list and books that talk about these women or mentions them or their own books are included.


1.  Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant in America.

2. Jane Addams was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Peace; she shared the prize with Nicholas Murray Butler.

 3. Jane Matilda Bolin first African-AMerican woman to graduate from Yale Law School

4. Hattie Caraway was the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

5.  Dora Lee Jones 1st trade union for African-American domestic workers.

6. Gertrude Atherton was the first woman to be president of the (American) National Academy of Literature

7. Grace Hudowalski was the ninth person and first woman to climb all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks.

 8. Pearl S. Buck was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

9.  Tidye Pickett and Louise Stokes first African-American women selected for the Olympic Games. 

10.  Crystal Bird Fauset First African-American woman elected to a state legislature

11. Molly Kool was North America's first registered female sea captain or ship master.

12. Ethel Waters First African American to star in her own television program: , The Ethel Waters Show, on NBC

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