Mar 17, 2018

#NationalQuiltingDay - 6 Book Ideas for National Quilt Day

National Calendar

Day to recognize quilt makers and quilts. How to observe -- thank a quilter, create a quilt or read about quilts! The hashtag for today is: #NationalQuiltingDay 

 Beyond the Storm  - Quilt of Love #1 - There's 25 - Carolyn Zane
Christian - Romance
About a woman named Abigail who after a storm decides to make a quilt with all the cloth she finds in her town. 

This series has several different authors. 

The Quilter's Apprentice - Elm Creek Quilts - 20 books - Jennifer Chiaverini 
Chick Lit - Contemporary
Follows two women as they build their friendship through quilting

A Single Thread - Cobbled Court Quilts #1 - 7 books - Marie Bostwick
Divorce - Friendship

Follows Evelyn post divorce in a new town with a new business-- a quilt shop. Builds friendships with women who have different reasons for being there (no plan to make friends...yet they did!).
Sew Deadly - A Souther Sewing Circle #1 - 12 books - Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Cozy Mystery - Southern - Divorcee  

Follows Tori Sinclair who is trying to settle into her new town...then.. local sweetheart is found dead at her back door. WHAT?

Bachelor's Puzzle - Patchwork Circle #1 - 2 books - Judith Pella
Historical Fiction - Christian - Romance

The eligible daughters in a town compete to win the love of a new minister with creating quilts. 

To Scotland with Love - Kilts and Quilts - 6 books - Patience Griffin
Divorce - Romance - Scotland

Caitriona leaves Chicago for Scotland. Finds love but if she wants to revamp her career she'll have to sacrifice her love for it.

What books have you read that were quilt theme?

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