Mar 15, 2018

World War One Posters An Anniversary Collection by Dover Publications

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review.

Score: 4/5

Summary: It's posters from World War One. Contains information on who created it or paid for it, what country, and what year. Describes each poster.

Great for: History buffs, nerds or whatever you call them or yourself.

Why I requested this on Netgalley: I honestly don't remember requesting this! The person who accepts requests was probably like, "Sure why not" but confused as this is not related to anything I review.

Purchase:  Came out February 28, 2018 hardcover!

Favorite Poster:
Recommend? Yes, interesting and many I've never seen before! Some awe-inspiring while others use guilt or a various tender emotional response of joining the military for this cause.

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