Apr 23, 2018

15 Couldn't Finish Reads

This is a collection of the books on my Goodreads that I never finished. Either I started them or was taking years to try..and gave up. 

I used to be one of those who didn't ever quit a book. Finish it until the end even if it was murderous. But slowly I've started changing my thought process and quitting books. With life and everything in it I didn't feel dedicated to this belief.

End the suffering and quit while you're ahead. Let me know if you've read any of these!

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I started reading this in 2012. I would read a few chapters here and there through the years.  I would update my progress every year.

Finally, at the beginning of the year I removed it from my reading shelf to DNF.

It's not because it's an old book or hard to read. It just never held my interest long enough.

Fledgling written by Octavia E. Butler. This was started in March of 2016. I think I started it either because of the Science fiction book club I'm in -- I'm in two not sure which. Or, because I read and loved Kindred.

I started this as an audio book. This book is about a vampire who is way older than what she looks like. She looks like a child and feeds off people.

This book gave me nightmares. Perfect read for those who love to feel outside of the work or wandering into a bizarre world with no issues feeling uncomfortable.

I didn't get too far into this before I jumped ship.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. This started to live in my "Ill Finish Later" shelf but moved it out. I have it here just in case I get an idea to try to read it.

It's probably a good read. But when I started this I was reading Dystopians one right after the other. It gets super depressing to read similar books.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It's a time traveling romance. I didn't get far before I gave up. There's like seven or so books in this series if I remember. I wasn't going to dedicate myself to something I just couldn't get into.

I know a lot of people enjoy, especially, the television show. Just is not for me.

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone started off great and then nosedived and I left it. It was going to be a read later but..every time I looked at it...no.

A Coyote's in the House by Elmore Leonard. Started this for a class assignment and just stopped. I got to 6% which I know is pretty early to abandon a book.

The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. I would read at a gazebo waiting for the university to open in the early AM. This was interesting enough. I got to about 50% before having to dump it.

For some reason I have a dictionary listed as one of the fifteen books I couldn't finish. Why it's listed in this group of books I've no idea. But I'm not including a picture of a dictionary, ha.

The Black Pearl by Scott O'dell. I liked Island of the Blue Dolphins so tried this one. Didn't like it as much.

The Game of Triumphs by Laura Powell. I started this and didn't like it at all. But I used it in a quickly created blog post in a college class I had online. So, I had to stay with it for a few weeks. It was murderous. But that's what I get for making something up quickly without thinking about future consequences.

Splendor and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz. This was terrible and I do not regret ending this book so soon.

Straw into Gold by Gary D. Schmidt. Retellings of fairytales can be iffy. This is one of those iffy retellings.

Grass by Sheri S. Tepper. It was a read from one of the sci-fi book clubs I'm in on Goodreads. I wanted to like this but ...the random tangent of hunting threw me off and just meh.

A YA called Jumpman Rule #1: Don't Touch Anything from James Valentine.

Fun concept boring book.  I made it to about 20% before jumping out of it. It was a library book so no wasted money.

Thankfully, most of my books come from the library so if I don't like something...no regret purchase.

Have you read any of these? Anything interesting you'd like to try? 

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