Apr 17, 2018

#ElginPark Michael Paul Smith; Gail Ellison

Summary: Although the photographs are strong enough to stand alone as the main character of this delightful book, there’s another story: how a humble recluse who doesn’t even own a car has created an online community – a global neighborhood of young and old, male and female, many asking the same question: How does this guy do this?

I'm auto approved with Animal Media Group books on Netgalley. This was published June 2015. So, it is content you don't have to wait to access.

Though I didn't check to make sure it's easy to find to purchase. I checked it out to browse with my nephew. But wanted to write a quick review of the book.

It comes with background information, images and comments from visitors who have experienced the miniature creations.

It's entertaining enough.  I will see what the nephew thinks tomorrow. Update about nephew's thoughts on this book: He liked the old timey trucks and fire truck :)

Question: What's a hobby you have? Lemme know!

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