Apr 15, 2018

#Goodreads Reading Challenge through the years

I've been tracking my reading goals through Goodreads since 2012. I joined Goodreads  June 2011. I started due to the ability to track all the books you read through the year. I've been adding books from my childhood slowly but surely on here, too.

I count everything that I read from comic books to children's picture books. Some people don't consider either of these reading but I do. One that angers me are those who do not count audio books as they don't consider them "reading".  When I'm unable to hold a book either with a mobile device or the actual physical book..I'm reading with an Audio book.

My first reading challenge was in 2012. I read 19 books out of 50 books that year. In 2013, I read 5 out of 10 books I had planned on reading that year. 

2014-2018 seems to be my reading best:

Also, feel less and less guilty when I change my goal through the year, too. Some years I knew I was going to be busy so I had no problem with changing my goal. The years I have read less are due to being in college and that sucking everything out of me through the years.

So, if you track your reading count every year...what is your goal? 

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