Apr 23, 2018

#Questions: Do you review anything other than books?

When this blog was called Glitch the Spoon I meant it to be a variety of things. But I wasn't coming back to this blog when it was meant to be a variety show.

I have Ghost Wars post about the SyFy T.V. show which I haven't kept up with. I don't even know if it still exists. I hope it does it was a slow moving show but was interesting to watch.

I review and talk about fiction that's short stories, novellas, novels and graphic novels. I found I wanted to show up at this blog once or twice a week and write posts.

I may in the future with the creation of another blog or whatever. But for now it's just books.

Do you review anything other than books? & for a general q/a: What do you do at your blog? What's your favorite things to post about?

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