Apr 19, 2018

#Questions: Name A Movie better than the Book

A few Stephen King books land in this for me. I watched the movies before I read the books. Since I was a young child it's understandable. The books came out before I was born and for most my elementary life I only had access to a school library.

You may wonder how someone's parent would let them watch horror movies. In my parent's defense most of them occurred on regular television and were edited for television. So, I watched them edited for the most part.

Yes, I promise I am an avid book read and love books. But I have no problem to admit movies created based on a book are sometimes better than the books. It's easy to do if you don't view the book and movie as the same thing.

What I visualize while reading the book is going to look different than what the movie creator sees. So, for me, it's easy to separate them and enjoy the differences.

What book based movie have you watched & fell in love with?

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