Apr 20, 2018

#Questions: What was the worst book you ever read or stopped reading?

Divergent by Veronica Roth. My aunt warned me that it was a terrible book but I read it anyway. I wanted to give up – especially – toward the middle but I kept going. I never read anymore of the series and have no desire to watch the movies.

I understand wanting to have an almost unattractive female lead character. But when her love interest tells her he doesn't see her as the cutest person in the world.. it sounds more like negging and abusive. You don't have to fall in love with someone because of their looks but to say it the way he did...felt off.

That more than likely wasn't Veronica Roth's reason for this. She was probably trying for a female
character who was different from other female lead books. But if I remember correctly the girl in this book never seemed caught up with her looks or need someone to comment on them. So, it felt weird that he would and felt like it needed to say it.

Am I nitpicking? Probably.

What was the worst book you've ever read? Did you suffer through or keep going? 

This is an update to this post


  1. I was bought a health and fitness book written by that Nascar girl driver from my hubs for Christmas. I was looking at trying to get back in shape and get my exhaustion to go away bc I thought maybe I was just out of shape....That week I caught shingles and then went into full blown fibromyalgia. After I understood the symptoms and it explained things going back to 2008 I was like whoa ok I am going to take care of this in a different way. I went by the latest fibro research and mayo docs and cut most gluten, most dairy and reduced sugar and started yoga etc etc...That book is nicely tucked in the back of my closet now. I prefer not to see that skinny girl on the cover thank you bc I will never do any of those cross fitty exercises as long as I live LOL.

  2. Awww! That's good though that you found out & was able to figure out everything. I'm working on cutting things out of my diet it's been a slow process.


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