Apr 22, 2018

#SundayQuestions: Why do you review?

I have answered this question in some way or another.

But I started reviewing books as a way to be with the books a bit longer. It allows you more time to think about and work with a book. I recommend anyone who enjoys books and talking about them to start a book blog. Whether it is reviews or just talking about reading in general.

So far it is fun and working slowly on building memory of the books I am reading. One of the reason I started blogging about books was to retain memory of them. I started to notice not remembering books I've recently read (recently I mean within the last year) and so on.

When you're browsing your read shelf on Goodreads and have no memory of anything in a book from a year or two years ago.. Yikes.

I don't often re-read books that I have read. But maybe I should start looking into re-reading books that I know I absolutely enjoyed. Re-reads may also help with memory of the books.

Why do you review? Or simply blog about books (if you don't review)?

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