Apr 25, 2018

#WeedingWednesday: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Welcome to the first ever fully thought out scheduled weekly post. Every Wednesday at 12:30 Central time a TBR quick talk out on reasons to keep/remove of a book on my TBR list. Currently, there are a little over 190 books on my TBR. This doesn't count the books I download from Hidden Gems or Netgalley.

This weekly post inspiration came from The Mystic Reader's meme post she participates in. The only similarity is browsing TBR list.

Title: Chains Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Publisher: Atheneum Books

Summary: As the Revolutionary War begins, thirteen-year-old Isabel wages her own fight...for freedom. Promised freedom upon the death of their owner, she and her sister, Ruth, in a cruel twist of fate become the property of a malicious New York City couple, the Locktons, who have no sympathy for the American Revolution and even less for Ruth and Isabel. When Isabel meets Curzon, a slave with ties to the Patriots, he encourages her to spy on her owners, who know details of British plans for invasion. She is reluctant at first, but when the unthinkable happens to Ruth, Isabel realizes her loyalty is available to the bidder who can provide her with freedom.

Shelved: February 13, 2014. More than likely I shelved this during my child literature class or my social studies class.

Survive/Weed: I didn't even realize that this is the author of Speak. This is apart of a trilogy. So, I think I am going to remove this simply because it is a trilogy. I am trying to lessen my commitments to book series.

Now your opinion: Have you read this? Interested in it? Liked/disliked it? Lemme know. Thanks for stopping by.

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