Apr 14, 2018

Why do you pick up a book?

My method for picking up books consist of:

1. What I am currently feeling or want to feel at the end of a book.

2.  If it's apart of a series I wanted to start or in the middle of

3. If it was free on Kindle, Nook or available on Netgalley or Hidden Gems

So, question for those reading: Why do you pick up a book?

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  1. I don't have a method for picking books. The only thing that I try not to do is if I just finished a book in a series if read the next book especially if the series is ongoing. I do because I don't want to run out of books to read. But come to think of it I also don't read the same author in a row either so I guess that's a rule I have for books though I just broke the other day lol.

    1. I didn't realize I had a 'method' until I was answering this question. I hate running out of things to read. lol

      Why do you not read the same author in a row?


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