May 30, 2018

#BayouBorn by Hailey Edwards

Pictured above is the image from my nook. For whatever reason Nook's browser version doesn't register the book that I've purchased. Ugh.

Title: Bayou Born
Author: Hailey Edwards
Published:  October 17, 2017
Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Her beginning may be our end... Deep in the humid swamps of the Mississippi bayou, a mysterious, half-wild child is dragged just in time from the murky waters. She has no memories, no family and is covered in strange markings, the meaning of which no one is able to decipher. Adopted by the policeman who rescued her, Luce Boudrou follows him into the force, determined to prove herself in the eyes of those who are still suspicious. However, there's more of a battle ahead than Luce could possibly imagine. She may be an orphan without a past, but no one - including Luce herself - could ever be prepared for the truth of her dark, powerful destiny...

With possible spoilery information.

My Review:

I enjoyed this a lot more than expected. I was worried. This is my first read of her books. I've been following her and in her book group for awhile before reading. I know probably sounds weird but I do this a lot with books I'm interested in but not sure..

Things I absolutely love and thanked her was:

This book does not include the 24 hour waiting to report a  missing persons myth unlike..

Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari & Daddy Darkest by Ellery Kane

It's a stupid myth that pops up regularly in these books. I wish someone would smack their hands when they type it up.

"The first twenty-four hours are the most critical." He couldn't argue with me there.

"You're going to file a missing person report."

"The quicker the report filed, the sooner the search can begin and the sooner I can access full departmental resources to help locate her."
Out of Order Quotes to help with not being too spoilery.

Errors / Writing Mishaps?

There was at times where words felt oddly places. Or typos. There was a few points where my phone had boxes. A few times I had to flip the page/page back to make Nook calm down. So, I'm not 100% certain if typos/words where they shouldn't be was the book or if Nook was being an asshole.

Annoying bits:

The lead male love interest constantly being described as a mountain And he ...growls. I don't quite get the growling a lot thing at all. Unless it was a hint at not being human.  

"I'm here to speak with Luce Boudreau," he rumbled in a deep tenor befitting a half-man, half-mountain. A mantain?" 

When characters are described as mountainous or anything I probably... imagine the opposite of what this is supposed to trigger. These descriptions make the character seem more cartoonish for me. So.. y'know. 


The mystery and the way the supernatural elements are introduced in the story. The connection to the private company and the main character. We're given answers as to why the main male lead is always around the main female.. usually it's done in an annoying way.

The "twist" / supernatural element and how everything is wrapped up in this. 

Stand Alone or Series?

This is a series but you can comfortably read it as a standalone. To do it comfortably...don't read the epilogue. Otherwise, it works alone or continue onward..I absolutely loved that. 

The will they? Won't they? If you don't give a shit about romance this book works, too. There is romance but it's not strong enough to worry about. 

THE BIG BADDIE:  There's pieces to thread into the next book but really you don't have to jump into it. The issue is wrapped up in this book.

Recommend? Yeah, it's good reading. I'm reading the 2nd one and will have the review up some point tomorrow. 

“Beauty is a reflection on the genetic soup we got served. It says nothing about your character or personality. Pretty is just that. Pretty. Substance is what matters. Clichéd as it sounds, it really is what’s inside that counts.” ― Hailey Edwards, Bayou Born

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