May 7, 2018

#GreatReadPBS Books & Group

I couldn't download the image from PBS that was about this so I made my own.

It's a PBS show about ::drumroll:: books that are considered Great American Reads. Shocking right?

This is a condensed/chopped up summary off their website. Basically, it's 100 books that they've surveyed people for. The show starts May 22nd and it'll talk about why authors create their stories and how readers respond to these stories & what the 100 different books have to say about our diverse nation and our shared human experiences.

It has a Facebook group which I joined yesterday? I had to mute the group because there are a very active 4k members..and just.. yikes to my timeline. Yes, I still have my Facebook. 

Next week they'll have the discussion schedule up to tell us which order the books are going to be read in. It's basically like a massive book club that they're airing 8 part series to discuss reading and these books. Which I am liking the sound of to be honest. I don't watch PBS a lot so this is definitely something that's going to draw me back to the station.

The link of the list is in the 3rd 'paragraph' up there. You can also download a checklist to mark those that you've read. But from the group it seems you'll be reading alongside the episodes of this program? If that's the case .. there are some VERY LONG READS included in this. Some are book series.

Or, the book club thing is going to run longer than the series that it's joined with. Who knows, we'll see when we get there. I'm sure that they have the information on the website. . I'll investigate later. 

Did you hear about this? Have any interest in it? 

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