May 22, 2018

#IfAllTheWorld #NetGalley Joseph Coelho

Title: If All the World
Author: Joseph Coelho
Illustrator: Allison Colpoys
Publish Day: June 7, 2018 -- Soon!
Downloaded from: Netgalley!
Rating: 5/5


A moving, poetic picture book about a young girl's love for her granddad and how she copes when his grandad dies, written by poet and playwright Joe Coelho. This powerful and ultimately uplifting text is the ideal way to introduce children to the concept of death and dying, particularly those who have lost a grandparent. Beautifully illustrated by new talent Allison Colpoys.

Thoughts: Beautiful words and illustrations in regard to the topic of death of a grandparent. Just ..thanks for the punch in the face with all the emotion.

Downloaded through Netgalley for an honest review.

Recommend: Yes.

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