May 25, 2018

#Kindle: Why it's Awesome & Not

I've never owned a kindle. I have the app on my phone, tablet and desktop. Once I found I could read digitally from my phone it was a game changer for me. I've already written about why I love reading through ebooks. This is my reasons for using the kindle app over the other apps out there whenever possible.

1) For me, it has the best background color modification. I read easier on the green backgrounds than I do with beige whether a light or darker  green wins. It's what I used as an example for the previous eBook blog post.

2) Whatever book I am reading I can hop between the app easier than the other ones. If I'm on page 51 on my cellphone last night I can hop on my desktop and be on 51. It asks if you would like to go the furthest read page on (whichever device # my phone is) and just say yes. Or, occasionally, it'll already be on the page I need from my cellphone.

3) More often than not it's an option to download a library eBook through. I know not everyone's library does eBooks yet. But my local library *just* started doing it -- while I've been using Tulsa Library for this for awhile now.

1) If I review a book from my library or KU Amazon can decide that it's not a legitimate book review. It's kind of disheartening to think about that. Thankfully, none of my reviews have been barred, yet. But I also review on Barnes & Noble and on this blog so if someone was in need of a review book to see whether they wanna buy it. But this risks losing the advantage of convenient reading.

2) No internet, no books. If I haven't downloaded the book before my internet disconnects I cannot access. I understand why this is but it's still annoying.

3) Possibility of not having access during a power outage or if all my devices somehow take a bath.

Do you use a Kindle or the app? What are things you like or dislike about it?

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