May 31, 2018

#May: Overview/Wrap Up

Post Count:

I created 67ish posts in May. Nine more than what I created in April. These posts are a combination of book reviews I've read this month, in the past, Spoonie up dates and various off-topic posts. Not everything about May will be in this because I've forgotten or added something since creating this post. I'm compiling it on the 28th.


33 this month



Books I've Finished in May:

Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari 

The Electrifying story of Multiple Sclerosis by Vanita Oelschlager

Harriet Tubman by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Georgia O'Keeffee by Isabel Sanchez Vegara 

Great Polar Bear by Carolyn Lesser

If All the World by Joseph Coelho 

Room 119 by T F Lince

Fish-Boy An Inuit Folk Tale by Vanita Oelschlager

The Stereotypical Freaks by Howard Shapiro

Books I've Abandoned in May:

I don't think I've abandoned a book this month. Woo!

Books I've been reading since April:

Or beyond April -

The Forest Beyond the Earth by Matthew S. Cox
A Nighttime of Forever by Matthew S. Cox

Book Reviews in May:

Not including books I read this month. These are just reviews posted.

Sunday Questions:

What are you top 5 reads for 2018 so far? 
How Many Books Are On Your TBR Pile?
Would you rather read digital or paper books?

Weeding Wednesday:

Writing Prompts:

May's Lists, Nat'l Days & Others:

All things Spoonie Updates:

Thanks for reading!

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