May 18, 2018

#Offtopic: Hell of a Time

  • My boyfriend's grandfather died last Friday. His Funeral was Wednesday. My boyfriends grandparents are amazing. I didn't have great grandparents. They didn't treat us nicely were always awful to us. They didn't like their son so they didn't like us. My mom's mom was an amazing person toward us-- her hubby not so much.. didn't like my dad..didn't like us. But he was an awful person before we showed up anyway.
  • My parents are moving house. They're moving further north. I'm super glad. We grew up in a sketchy area. Then move to a new sketchy area. I'm glad they're able to get somewhere without as much worry.. for the time being. Even small town's have crime and problems. The town I live with my boyfriend has violent crimes as well.
  • My sister got a due date: August 28th! BUT!!! The doctors think she's further along than they all are saying so the day may change! She didn't find out right away that she was pregnant. She went to the doctor because she was having pain and struggling to lift things -- ta da! Apparently, being pregnant was causing all the problems.
  • I'm still in need of medical assistance for surgery. I've a youcaring account for online donations. So far I've a few dollars saved up myself. My work is ending at the end of May due to school being out.
  • I'm being checked for diabetes and trying to figure out why I'm dealing with bladder pain. I'd rather not but lord if getting answers fixes these problems. I'm game. 

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