May 26, 2018

#Room119 #TFLince Review

Title: Room 119
Author: T. F. Lince
Publisher: Amazon
Publish Day: December 14, 2017
Rate: 4/5

Summary:High-flying trader Dean Harrison has it all – the London penthouse apartment; the fast car; the beautiful wife. But when the threads of Dean’s life start to unravel, they do so with alarming speed.

Following the advice of a frail stranger, Dean sets off for Welnetham Hall Hotel and is plunged into the mysterious world of Room 119 – a world where nothing makes sense. How does everyone in the hotel know his name? Why does he travel there on a train line that shut down over fifty years ago? And who is the sinister man in black who pursues him wherever he goes?

As he gradually pieces together the puzzle of Welnetham Hall, Dean is forced to re-evaluate his life and realises that nothing is more important to him than his wife and daughter. Desperate to get back to them, he vows he would lay down his life for the people he loves.

It’s a promise he may have to keep.

Possible Trigger Warnings for this: Drugging someone, drunk driving and a clown

"Dean was too busy pulling scams in the playground, conning kids out of their dinner money, to worry about getting grades."


This mixes genres a mystery, thriller and elements of fantasy tied in. I started using Twitter for blogging purposes and through other book bloggers found this. I retweet book advertisements, especially, if it's noticeable it's an indie author. This author seems to have it down with getting people to read his books and write reviews for it.

He's a very active author with following those who tweet about the books, write updates on it and on Goodreads. I am reading it through Kindle Unlimited because, well, I pay for the service so I may as well use it. So far the advantages of it is finding authors and books I wouldn't have read to begin reading now.

It's currently listed at $3.99 for the eBook andddd $10.99 if you want to buy a physical copy of it off Amazon. Since I didn't buy a physical copy I can't tell you much on that. It's the only book he has listed as on e of his.

If you like interacting with authors and reading their books.. this is a good author to start reading..again though he has only one book out. But y'know.

"He wore a suit like it had never wanted to fit him, like it was being rejected by his DNA."


We start with Dean being full of himself, working with people, training them. Typical person who makes money and enjoys being the big shot. He has co-workers who aren't as impressed with him, his status in the company and want his spot. Typical job setting in high stakes kind of work.

He's jealous of an up and comer and doesn't step from it. Instead of making a friend makes an enemy. Which from the short glimpse of this kind of job... pretty much everyone was probably an enemy. At some point he is roofied by one of the newbies which causes him to be late for his kid's birthday. This same person interferes with a trade that kills everything in Dean's life.. family, friends, the job, etc.

Typical thriller setting where he's trying to figure out what is going on. More so after he meets an older couple on a bridge. Fantasy elements are involved with Room 119, this old couple and where he ends up middle of the story.

Mystery/ thrill / getting the answers for this gets to where you realize what the 'twist' or what is going down. But it's still fun to read.

He ends up crashing after going to his daughters school drunk & being stupid.

The dialogue between the character's wife and kid is kind of cheesy in parts. Feels clunky because of this like they're not real elements to the story. I don't know how to describe it. But overall the story is interesting enough to enjoy and get through. Every story has some pieces that don't work as well as others. Which is fine so long as you're enjoying what you're reading over all.

Toward the end of the book his talking with a friend of his about a name that's given him at one point....and "gave Dean a handshake that morphed into a man hug" ...  There's apparently a difference between hugs..and whatever a man hug is. .yeah? What the fuck does that mean? Lol.

Jack whispered into Dean’s ear as the man hug lasted a little longer than they were both anticipating, It eventually gave way to a more manly punch on the shoulder.

A happily ever and some weird elements. I'm still confused about the clown.

Recommend? Yes, good entertainment.

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