May 9, 2018

#Spoonie: Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems

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I am linking to Mayo Clinic for info on everything I'm mentioning in this post. I am not a medical expert this is just lists from Mayo Clinic and my experiences with gallbladder problems. Listen to your doctor with everything overall. Et cetera... y'know the legal spill to not take my blog post as medical expertise/advice. 


I wanted to write this blog post about the way gallbladder pain can seem like other things. It's meant for anyone who is thinking something else is going on...but you are saying, "Eh it's probably just ________ ". Because that's what I did and my doctors before my newest doctor did.

It's not always the usual problems you have. It is sometimes something new and wrong and needs to be fixed.

Don't ignore new stuff because of the old stuff. 

So, I'm going to write about my pain problems and how I stupidly thought this was RA, Fibro, IBS, or being lactose intolerant.

Gallbladder problems are common and so is having to have a Cholecystectomy based on quick Google search. That and everyone I've know seems to have had to have it removed or needs it removed.

Overlaps in medical problems and gallbladder problems:

Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems:

  1. Pain  - mid to upper right section of your abdomen. 
  2. Nausea or vomiting 
  3. Fever / Chills
  4. Chronic Diarrhea
  5. Jaundice
  6. Lighter colored stool and dark urine may be signs
  7. Loss of appetite 
  8. Bloating
  9. Gas
  10. Diarrhea or constipation

    Symptoms of lactose intolerance:

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Nausea, sometimes vomiting
    3. Abdominal cramps
    4. Bloating
    5. Gas

      Symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

      1. Pain
      2. Fatigue
      3. Sleep problems
      4. Anxiety/depression
      5. Fibro fog
      6. Headaches
      7. problems with peeing
      8. painful menstrual cramps
      9. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

        Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis:

        1. Joint pain, tenderness, swelling -- in multiple joints
        2. Pain - joints, back or muscles -- all over pain
        3. fatigue
        4. Poor appetite 
        5. Malaise
        6. Fever
        7. Sleep problems

        Symptoms of IBS:

        1. Abdominal pain
        2. Cramping
        3. Bloating
        4. Excess gas
        5. Diarrhea or constipation

        Symptoms of painful periods (for those who experience periods):

        1. Lower back pain
        2. Leg pain
        3. Nausea
        4. Vomiting
        5. Diarrhea
        6. Irritability
        7. Weakness
        8. Cramps lower abdomen
        9. Stomach pain 

        Foods that can cause Gallbladder pain:

        If you are like me and your food consist of : Sweets, spicy and occasionally greasy...the pain may be your gallbladder. These foods can produce pain in your gallbladder. It's not just greasy foods that can trigger the pain. 

        My junk food list may look different from others & why I added "sweets" to this. 

        Junk foods / Sweets:

        Most things you buy in this category are high in fat. So no..
        1. Cookies, even if they are homemade.. oops. I eat A LOT of homemade cookies but wow did I hurt afterwards. I just assumed it was the milk in them, lol. 
        2. Chips
        3. Cakes
        4. other boxed sugary/fatty foods down the snack aisle!
        5. Ice cream -- duh! fatty! look for low-fat/no fat alternatives
        6. CHEESE  -- high fat  -- I LOVE CHEESE.
        7. Nuts -- yep -- I eat a lot of almonds/sunflower seeds. Oops. 
        8. Dark chocolate .. I had to stop eating them cos they caused problems. 
        9. Fried food 
        TBH, if you notice pain from junk food just cut it out because it's not even healthy to begin with. I'm not saying this just because I had to and I want everyone to suffer, I promise. 


        1. Any spicy pepper can cause gallbladder pain. 

        It's recommended if you're going to involve peppers in your dish bland ones are the way to go. So, green peppers.


        1. fatty meats - beef and pork. 
        2. Fried meats
        3. Go for leaner meats like turkey and chicken -- at least that's what my doctor suggested. 


          Adding this because well, if you're eating a fatty burger... the condiments are going to do you in, too.
          1. Mayo is murderous fat
          2. Spicy mustard  EVERYTHING SPICY IS A NO IT'S AWFUL.
          3. TBH probably ketchup but I don't use ketchup / don't like it this may be slanted against the stuff. 

          Foods to eat and avoid pain:

          1. Fresh fruits and veggies
          2. Whole grain
          3. Lean meats, poutry, fish
          4. Low-fat dairy products

          Now everyone will not have the same food problems. Some of the things that I listed you may be able to eat while others cause you pain.  If you have gallbladder problems and the food that causes you pain isn't listed feel free to comment on this post. I'll add it to the list. 

          If it's increase pain and more frequent.. go see a doctor. 

          Make sure they check your abdomen for physical signs and get blood tests done. I know for those of us who are living the chronic illness life pain is just part of this adventure. But don't just throw it into the "already diagnosed problem" bin because there is a chance it's something else.

          Is the pain intermittent? Chronic?

          If you're experiencing either new pain that is intermittent or always there. It can still be your gallbladder. I experienced pain that came and went so I didn't think of it as NEW or something that I should even pay attention to.

          The symptoms were intermittent for awhile, too. I have went to the ER several times over a span of years recently. But due to Fibro and RA it was quickly written off as easy to fix problem -- stomach bug,etc.

          But I have a lot of symptom overlapping so I can't accurately pin-point when it started getting worse. 

          I just had to stop eating  ____ food so I'm good no reason to see the doctor.

          Thought this, too. Many of my pain symptoms overlap with the various health problems I have. So, when I would see my doctor it was written off to be apart of my other problems.

          A lot of times I would change my diet because I assumed it was an IBS issue or lactose intolerant issue. 

          Chronic pain problem are the norm for me. It's obvious I'll have to deal with pain.

          My advice: Question every new pain that surfaces. Don't convince yourself that it's part of your other medical problems. Talk to your doctor even if they are the kind who'll try to add it into symptoms of your other health issues.

          If it's a new pain problem and the symptoms are similar to what is in the gallbladder pain .. get a physical exam of your abdomen and blood tests done. Your doctor should be able to figure out where the pain was happening in your abdomen.

          My pain "spreads out" so my doctor checked all across my abdomen -- lower, middle and upper. Even my lower back to make sure it wasn't my kidneys. 

          It's just your gallbladder chill out.

          Yes, I thought this, too, until I started experiencing intense and frequent pain than before. I was informed that there was a possibility of it rupturing like the appendix does. Again, I didn't take this issue that serious because I just modified my food intake and everything.

          From my understanding there is no way to fix the problems. But I have a feeling that if you get it checked sooner than mine they can probably slow down the problem.

          Change your diet if it's mostly fatty foods. Even if you're not experiencing gallbladder problem it will help to avoid having this problem. It's a common thing to happen to someone because of the way they eat or if they're overweight. So, avoid even having to worry about this from the start.

          Pain experience can be tolerable to curling up crying because it's all over pain stretched across my abdomen, back and chest. It sucks completely so I'm writing this to help encourage someone to get the new problem checked out to cross out what it could possibly be.

          Anyway, I hope this helps someone. If you have chronic health issues and are experiencing something new... and suspect it's gallbladder/not sure. This is a blog post that is talking about this and see that you're not alone with this kind of experience. 

          Thanks for reading!

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