May 31, 2018

#Spoonie: Youcaring / Health Update

Image contains colorful pills and the words: You caring and health updates, #spoonsnbooks and on a dark pink background

YouCaring Update: I still need donations to help with paying for my surgery. I am at $50 so far. I am super grateful and appreciative of everything. I still haven't got hold of the lady in Financials. I don't know if I could just waltz up to the building to talk with her. But since the school year has ended I feel very tempted to do this.

General Health: I am having to modify my food once more. I've been eating as little as possible to prevent stomach issues. But the last few weeks have been lazy and just eating what's been cooked here. Which is generally spicy and meats I'm not supposed to have. 

Last night my pain levels were terrible that they'd incorporate themselves in my dreams. We had another night storm the room became hellish for me but couldn't do much about it. 

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