May 27, 2018

#Spoonie: Zoo Trip

Our three day weekend started with waking up and going to the Tulsa Zoo. Tweeted the zoo to find out how to access a wheelchair from them. It costs eight dollars. Fourteen something all together. You return it and get the five dollars back from the experience.

We haven't been here in years there were many updates. Wheelchair was fine. The trip through the was a bit rocky.

Some of the paths aren't even which I'm okay with. It happens nothing is perfect in this world. An aspect of my health problems is pain levels and dealing with that garbage so in parts the roughness was painful.

I worried things wouldn't be fun or manageable if it kept the way it was.

Exhibit buildings were fun. Our zoo is huge but smaller than others but it's still entertaining. Monkeys I hadn't seen the last time I was here. Got to see the giraffes -- usually physically I don't get to see a lot so I'm not 100% if EVERYTHING was new I experienced was simply new to me or new-new.

Some of the facilities the handicap buttons did not work and there wasn't any signs to indicate that they weren't operational. Thankfully, my boyfriend was pushing me around Saturday and was able to maneuver around these issues. We received assistance from other zoo visitors, too, which was a relief as some of the doors were not handicap accessible at all. If I was there alone my navigation would be longer to get to a main door... or asking strangers for help.

The loose animals around the park are very used to human contact. My boyfriend bought us ice cream and was surprised at how much they cost. But they came with in a entertainment. A Peacock quietly watching him silently asking for a share of the ice cream. My boyfriend told him, "I have a feeling you shouldn't have ice cream." But pointed at the fallen pieces anyway. He wasn't going to outright hand over anything but figured if it wanted some he'd have to find it on his own.

He didn't take the hint that food was JUST right there. He eventually wandered away and we were met with two geese. Both calm and waiting for their share of the ice cream. Boyfriend did point, and lift the pieces to him which he did eat.

Thought I took more pictures through our journey inside the zoo but apparently did not.

 I got this little guy, too! Squishy toys and pillows are great little things that I can use to rest my limbs on without much pain. Plus, it's adorable so there's that. But seriously, it can cause bruising and pain if my legs sit on one another, or rest my hands on top of the other. It's really painful, annoying and extremely stupid. Stupid because why do basic normal people thing to do .. cause injury?

So, have another cutie pie arm rest. If cannot tell it's a green/yellow Budgie.

After the zoo we went to my parent's new house. They got the furniture included in the move and it looks and feels super fancy. So, good for them with that. They were having a BBQ to celebrate with the family, etc.

My youngest sister and her family didn't make it as they were on a 3 day camp trip on some lake. I don't remember which one.

My other sisters and nieces were there though. We watched Game Night and Black Panther. Already knew Black Panther was good but Game Night surprised me...hilarious and only smidgen of dirty humor at the beginning of the movie.

Today I caught up on Shadowhunters and I think ..almost done with season 1 of the Librarians.


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