May 22, 2018

#Spoonies: Surgery far.. if it can be called that.


Yesterday's surgery phone calls started optimistic and quickly crumbled within an hour.

Didn't get voicemail but actual people for financials and appointment setter. Except voice mail again for the person who is supposedly the one to tell me how much the surgery is going to cost when everything is said and done.

Found somewhere that I can email. Suggested for billing and other but finding out the cost of my surgery is technically...billing , right? I decided it was. Hopefully, someone somewhere answers my question.

I looked up the cost of the surgery and I've completely underestimated what it will be where I'm at. I don't understand why the estimate for our capitol seems lower than where I'm at. I've increased the donation amount on my youcaring account. I appreciate any and all shares of it.

Every school year I make between 2k-3k and I'm just frustrated at how the heck am I going to get this done and over. So, any shares of it would be amazing because this is at the moment the only thing that I can think of. Unless I can sell a body part.

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