May 8, 2018

#SundayQuestions: How Many Books Are On Your TBR Pile?

Oh no. A friend from Saudia Arabia reprimanded my lengthy To Be Read list. That I wouldn't live long enough to read them all so what's the point?

She's correct. On occasion I trim my TBR list to something reasonable. The issue is on Goodreads my TBR lists includes books from Giveaways. Which I know should mean that I'll actually go read them because I've entered a giveaway right?

But most of my giveaways are for books I've slight interest in reading. So, if I don't win them I'll probably not actively search for the book. At times there are books being given away on Goodreads that I do really really want. But most of the time it's not the case.

Currently my to be read list is 190 books. I haven't looked at it in awhile -- I will eventually. The amount may increase or decrease when I do. Ha.

How many books are on your TBR? Will you live long enough to complete the list? 

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