May 20, 2018

#WaywardSisters - CW Walked Away From

Wayward Sisters the second spin-off from Supernatural that didn't happen. Supernatural: Bloodlines was the first unsuccessful one. I understood why that one didn't make it -- we didn't know the characters well enough. Or, that's why I thought it wasn't successful and the reason Wayward Sisters was going to succeed.

We know Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum. We know Alex and Claire -- Patience and Kaia were new but well received and amazing characters. Characters that started on Supernatural with similar elements from it. The alternative worlds that began this season on Supernatural would I believe be forefront in Wayward Sisters -- new enough and not overused... yet.

Instead, CW went with Legacies another spin-off of Vampire Diaries saying that they had more with that. I find it weird that Supernatural seems to not be able to create other shows with the success they've had with it.

There is a petition on to try to save Wayward Sisters. Link if you're interested in helping out with it -- here.

If they don't create the show I'm hoping we'll see the group in future episodes of Supernatural. That their stories keep moving forward in the show whether in an official spin off or not.

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