May 11, 2018

#WritingPrompt: Frog & Forest

One evening your character throws on their exercise clothes on. They have the entire day off and want to spend their evening wandering through the woods. It's a portion that they have never traveled through and are excited to explore it.

They've only been in the forest for four minutes when they trip on a giant root – which turns out to be a dead body hidden under some leaves.

A frog jumps out of nowhere,

I'll grant you three wishes if you don't tell anyone what you saw here.”

How does your character react to finding a dead body and a talking frog?

Does your character take the three wishes or report the dead body?

Why does your character take the wishes or report the body?

Write four or more sentences explaining this situation.

I've created the prompt. If you take prompt please give credit (use website addy!). The use of this theme in a story is a-okay. If you like these prompts & would like to help out. Can donate here. Money goes toward my surgical costs. 

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