Jun 10, 2018

#BookTowns #NetGalley

Book Towns Forty Five Paradises of the Printed Word by Alex Johnson
This was published in March 2018 so it is available to buy!

Downloaded thru netgalley thanks to the publisher!

Summary from netgalley:
The so-called “Book Towns” of the world are dedicated havens of literature, and the ultimate dream of book lovers everywhere.

Book Towns takes readers on a richly illustrated tour of the 40 semi-officially recognized literary towns around the world and outlines the history and development of each community, and offers practical travel advice.

 Many Book Towns have emerged in areas of marked attraction, such as UreƱa in Spain or Fjaerland in Norway, where bookshops have been set up in buildings including former ferry waiting rooms and banks. While the UK has the best-known examples at Hay, Wigtown and Sedbergh, the book has a broad international appeal, featuring locations such as Jimbochu in Japan, College Street in Calcutta, and major unofficial “book cities” such as Buenos Aires.

Review:  interesting nonfiction about book towns.  Towns that have a  high amount of book stores in them. Which I found fascinating as there aren't that many used bookstores where I am.  This id's a good gift idea for someone who loves books or themed travels.  

This review is a mobile created reviews. Apologies for any typoes. They'll be fixed when can get to computer. 

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