Jun 4, 2018

Moonie Noonies by John Cleveland

Title:  Moonie Noonies
By: John Cleveland
Publish: Through Amazon / 2016

Summary:The perfect book for kids learning to count. A little bit of rhyming paired with these adorable characters makes learning so much fun. Each character has a number on his chest from 1 to 20 paired with a rhyme. Youre child will love to count with the moonie noonies

Review: A rhyming book for kids with weird space things called Moonie Noonies. I was looking for counting books for my niece and nephew and this was one of them that popped up. Figured look through it. It's cute. You learn about the different Noonies and counting... on the moon.

Preschool to maybe first grade. Recommended because it's adorable.

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