Jun 1, 2018

#Nook Why I still use it

My short conversation about my opinion on the Kindle app. I've made another list post about why I enjoy eBooks. I still have a Nook tablet sitting under my TV stand from years ago when my mom purchased me one. It was one of the older ones which didn't have a lot going for it and I couldn't change settings as much as I wanted to.

I only have one page of books that comes to 51 books on it. So, I don't purchase a lot of eBooks with it. Most are 'classics' that I could get for free. Nook app and all was my first through the eBook world so had less money back then to buy 'rent' eBooks. So, classic downloads it was.

Recently, I discovered I could buy books through PayPal. I work at Rev.com on and off when I can sit down and work an audio file. Can't do it full-time like so many who are on there. I would love to but I can sit long or have headset on for a long while. But it's good if I want to buy a book once in awhile.

I'm currently reading Bayou Born from Hailey Edwards on Nook. It was 99 cents which is what I had on my PayPal account. It's good and I'm enjoying it a lot.

The issues I have with Nook is that jumping from different devices it doesn't have the feature of getting to the last page you read. So, while reading on my phone I have to remember what page I am on when I log into my Tablet. Or, on the computer. The Nook for Web is a frustration more often than being convenient..and yet, I use it still. If I need to sit up to read it's where the book I'm currently reading residents...so gotta.

So, it doesn't automatically for me save my spot same as the other devices. But it also does this:

To which I have to refresh occasionally so I can access the books. Then, sometimes, when I am reading a book I've purchased it acts like I'm just reading a preview. So, I'll be reading toward the end of the story and poof! sends me back to preview.

But y'know I have proof that I did buy it. On my PayPal (which I'm not loading here) and on B&N's website saying so. This problem I have to sign out of and back into B&N, refresh the "Unknown error" and hope it's cooperating today.

Nook does have brightness option with a beige, gray and black background options. It does have font size and margins and font change options.

Would love to be able to have a green background option as it helps me the most. The original font on Nook for me isn't bothersome to read so that is a bonus. The brightness is still brighter than Kindle for night reading which hurts sometimes. But my phone has a blue light filter that if I remember putting on helps counter the brightness so there's that.

But all my reasons why I still use it even though it seems to have more problems than Kindle.

1) sometimes doesn't register I purchased something

2) errors a lot

 3) Some limitations on visual options

4) Doesn't save my spot in various mobile devices used


1) I can use PayPal to purchase a book

2) I have another way to read eBooks

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